The Dog Dream Team

August 18, 2021 12:42 pm Published by

Dottie (granny dog) Olive (granddaughter) Bella the border terrier and baby dog Margot the Labrador complete the dream team dog training and socialising team!!

Regularly introducing new dogs to the mad house, it is their role to check out the new dogs’ socialising credentials to make sure they are ready for ‘school’, or to help teach 1-2-1 training dogs ‘how to be a dog’.

Dottie is the Queen when it comes to her job as a stooge for dogs that struggle to ‘dog’!! Olive ┬áis a regular beating dog in the local shoots out with me on my days off competing at trials and tests, and it is her most favourite time of year! Bella came to live with us in 2022 needing a more country lifestyle and has slotted in like a comfy sock! And Margot the baby of the group will be heading towards working dog competitions also, alongside sofa surfing and stealing my shoes!

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