Canine Obesity


Has your vet told you your dog is overweight? Does he get out of puff after 5 mins of walking? Do you struggle to keep the weight off your dog, or do those puppy dog eyes win you over and you give in and give him just that one extra treat…?!

We offer a canine health and nutrition course for your dog. It may be that he or she is carrying a little too much weight. Well don’t worry, with a bit of help from us and dedication from you, it can be sorted.

Bring your dog to us for a stay at Just Paws for ‘Fat Camp’ and we will get him whipped back into shape in a fun way. It doesn’t involve starvation but steady weight loss built into a specific exercise routine catered exactly to suit the needs and requirements of your dog, set by myself a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

You will see a difference in their health, state of mind and energy levels in this time period, so you can carry on their new routine to keep them lean!! A minimum stay of 2 weeks – up to 4 weeks is advised to encourage gradual change.

Veterinary physiotherapy available on site should it be required to help aid your dogs transition from fatty to fitty!!

Veterinary consent required.

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