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For just about every problem you can think of, I can help you find a remedy and help you understand the reasons the dog exhibits these behaviours in the first place. The most important part of training a dog is understanding what you are asking, and expecting of them in the first place.

My basis is in positive reinforcement but without the reliance on food being the only motivator, dogs can find reward in so many things i don’t believe we should limit our tool box to having a pocket full of sausages. Equally i don’t believe that we should rely solely on reward and feel that at times it is important to instil boundaries and rules, to help the dog feel secure in your relationship.

I offer training sessions for you (yes, i’m not just training the dog!) and your dog to help you tackle any issues you might be having on a one to one basis, either at Just Paws or in your own home depending on your problems. I cover everything from basic obedience, to aggression problems,

I also specialise in socialisation problems both towards other dogs and also livestock, with on site access to farm stock on our own farm.

 There is normally a reason behind every bad or unwanted behaviour and I am here to help you find that reason and work through it.

It is possible to teach old dogs new tricks, and to stop young ones learning them in the first place!

I don’t offer classes, or group tuition for behaviour modification, as all dogs are different and things that work well for one dog, will be completely irrelevant for others. I offer value for money, practical skills and advice and if you follow my lead, I know we can make a difference to you and your dog’s relationship.

I explain the reasons behind what i do, and why it works as we go along, and most importantly the reasons behind the behaviours that the human regards as unwanted, in terms of how the dog thinks about things. So you can go out into the real world and start understanding what they are thinking of getting up to and why, I will then give you the tools to help them control their behaviours and choices themselves!

My methods are simple and easy to follow for both you and your dog,

My mission is to help you get your dog wanting to do the things you ask, for no other reason than that they love you and want to please you and work with you not fight against you.

That REALLY is possible!

I teach calmness.

Your dog will learn to control their behaviour patterns themselves, with gentle back up from you to make it easy for them. Soon they will choose to do the right thing themselves, because they want to, because it is the more gratifying calm and reasonable choice.

Training here at just paws is one a 1-2-1 basis 

I ask for a minimum of 2 sessions to be booked (pref a week apart) so we can get a good consistent start 

Sessions are available weekdays only (whilst my son is at school) 

I cannot offer weekends or evenings at this time 

Initial session £66 inc vat 

Follow up session £60 inc vat

Half hour social sessions and group social walks £30 inc vat available once the initial course of 2 is complete if that is all that is required for the pup at that point 

Otherwise socialisation and downtime/Funtime is included into hour long training sessions 

If you would like to book your first sessions please let me know what weekdays are suitable for you 


Helen merrett

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