Puppy Training and Socialisation

A one to one training session as opposed to group puppy training gives you advice and learning specifically catered to you and your new pup. I will give you, the owner, the right skills and understanding to train your puppy daily without them even knowing they are learning something useful, moulding them gently to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

Puppy training should be on-going every day, so listening to you becomes a normal part of their daily life, not just when you get the treat box out on a Tuesday evening!

That way when they hit ‘teenage – I can do what I like’, which I can guarantee they will, you will be armed with the right skills to stop their games in their tracks, and get them using their brains to your advantage instead!!

If however you have got to the rebellious teenage stage already and are ready to tear your hair out, please don’t despair! Its not too late at all! We can get them back on the straight and narrow!!!

In my experience, many behavioural problems stem from a lack of ability to ‘self control’ in the dog, and no real leadership from.

As the owner of a new puppy it’s your responsibility to make sure that your dog grows up stable and balanced. Everyone talks about their ‘fur babies’ but then disregards the bit where babies get ‘parenting’, as strong stable gentle leader to show them right from wrong. This is of utmostimportance with puppies too!

Socialising your puppy doesn’t just mean a free for all meeting anything and everything, but structured and varying interactions with people, dogs, cars, cyclists, livestock, noises.. to desensitise them to our crazy human worlds.

We also offer socialisation walks for you and your dog as part of a training programme, to get them used to walking and playing with a wide variety of dogs, big ones, small one, quiet ones, bouncy ones, loud ones, hairy ones…get your puppy used to it all early on. Walks with well rounded calm and confident dog shaped teachers, to teach them the right things not the wrong things!

These are available after initial training sessions and when i feel the pup is ready for group walk situations.

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