Livestock Socialisation

Issues involving your dog and livestock is one of the hardest areas of dog ownership. If your dog is found to have caused damage, or stress to an animal, the farmer who owns the animal may prosecute, which at worst can lead to your dog having to be put to sleep. This is the last thing any dog owner wants, and can cause many a sleepless night and a stressful walk to stop this from happening.

Many dogs have strong chase instincts which can be difficult to control. We all know what its like to see a dog running hell for leather into the distance, deaf as a post to our screams!

By teaching them to control their instincts themselves, with simple clear instructions, we can start to trust our dogs again and get them to a point we can safely walk round a corner without fear of what might be round there, or take them on holiday without them running off a cliff after a bird, or chasing a sheep into a ravine, or getting kicked in the head by a horse!

With the right training and commands this is possible! Trust can be returned!!

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