Rescue and Re-hab


It can be scary and hard for a rescue dog to settle into their new forever home. Some have moved from pillar to post, some have never been in a home environment, and some have old ingrained behavioural issues to overcome.

It is also difficult for the new owners to give their new rescue the trust they need to become ‘normal’ when we don’t know the history of their behaviours, why do they do what they do?

Coming for training with me is like wiping the slate clean for them and for you, new easy to follow rules that make sense for the dog will help them settle calmly into a routine that means they feel safe secure and are able to be ‘themselves’ but training out the unwanted learned behaviours they may have picked up along the way.

Old dogs really can learn new tricks, and most importantly they can let go of old behaviours that have caused them so much trouble in the past, they just need our help to do it.

I have a special interest in pain related behavioural problems and work closely with Cotswold Animal Therapy to provide a multidirectional approach to behaviour modification with regards to pain and problem behaviour.

Some dogs need a little pilates and physical body retraining in order to be able to NOT pull on a lead, lead work is an amazing transformational tool for both behavioural problems and physical rehab from injury or surgery. IF done correctly. If you get your lead work wrong, it is the easiest way of breaking your dogs body and spirit. A session with me will get you on the right track to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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