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We offer an alternative to kennels for your dogs, a home from home on our farm. Your dog will get at least two off lead walks a day on our private farmland with lots of mates to play with and plenty of cuddles, giving your dogs a holiday of their own whilst you are away.

Just Paws is different to other home boarding establishments, We are VERY proud to offer our own private land, all our walks are off lead and your dog stays with other dogs from other households to enjoy company so they can play and be dogs together!

Your dog will not be walked off lead in parks and in public areas where other outside dogs can cause issues, or your dog can get in trouble, they will not spend the majority of the day stuck in a truck whilst others are picked up and dropped off. Our land is our own, and we don’t walk anywhere else and the dogs are walked by people who REALLY know what they are doing!

During the day when not on ‘walkies’ they have secure yard areas and 3 secure gardens with lots of bushes to hide in, trees for shade, a paddling pool and a patio area to sunbathe, play, and snooze with their mates.

We lay as much importance on offering the dogs good quailty sleep time during the day too, dogs NEED 12-14hours of sleep a day and after a long PROPER walk that is all they want, so we structure our days to incorporate snooze times too. This leads to all our guests enjoying their time to the max without feeling over or understimulated, over tired or anxious.

Our dog rest areas are fully fitted out with air conditioning, to keep them warm or cool dependent on the British weather

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price. We use a good quality dry food, however owners are welcome to supply their own food if that is preferred. Raw feed is not accepted at Just Paws due to the risks of bacterial cross contamination in a communal canine environment.

Overnight all dogs sleep in our home,  not in an outdoor kennel. They have a communal rest room where the dogs all love to be, and we offer the ability to separate them whilst still in this room if necessary with the use of bespoke specially designed pens.

This allows them to have their own space so they always feel safe and secure, but noone has to decide who is sleeping where or who gets the most room on the bed, which i strongly believe is an unfair question to ask any dog in a new situation!

Habitualisation to a ‘crate’ is advised prior to boarding here so we can offer a dog that area of safety and security should we feel in appropriate.

We are licenced for 7 overnight boarding dogs in our home and can offer them all separate rooms in our home should it be required, in line with Animal Welfare Legislation 2018. However the dogs that LOVE to board here, don’t want to be on their own, they WANT to be with their friends, enjoying each others company and enjoying being a dog, so I do everything I can to make that scenario available, safe, secure and relaxing for all our guests.

All bedding and bowls are provided by Just Paws

All dogs staying must have:

• An up-to-date vaccination card – including yearly boosters and kennel cough vaccination (to be given at least 4 weeks before stay unless a booster and Micro-chipped. Titre testing or Homeopathic Vaccination is not Accepted.

• Boys MUST be neutered, Girls cannot be in season when Boarding.

• A secure collar with loop for tag. All dogs staying with us will wear a tag that states where they are staying.

All dogs must come for a meet and greet session to assess their temperament with other dogs and their recall off lead.

To complete with 5* licensing legislation all stays over 4 days must come fora  trial overnight stay to make sure they are happy and relaxed in this setting.

If dogs are not happy in the company of other dogs and dont have good reliable recall, Just Paws is not the place for them YET……

I am a dog trainer too, and I am more than happy to work with your dog alongside you, to get them to a point that they are safe and happy to board and enjoy life here.

Bank Holiday, New Year and Christmas prices will vary, some school holiday periods are only available for at least week long bookings please contact me for prices covering these times.

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