Canine Aggression

Aggression towards other dogs is one of the most common worries for dog owners. Sometimes aggression is sparked off by a particular incident which scares your dog, sometimes it creeps up on us unawares, and sometimes puppies seem to grow up that way inclined. Whatever the reasons I really can help you find the answers.

Dogs aren’t aggressive without reason, it is because they feel that this option is the only tool they have in their emotional tool box to fix their predicament in that moment.

I will help you understand and translate why it is happening and what their doggy reasons are, and how to teach your dog that it is an unnecessary tactic, there are in fact more pleasant and easier alternatives to reactivity available to them.

You can watch your dogs start to blossom, and realise that they too ARE DOGS. I have many many dogs that have come to me that, with a little time, patience and perseverance on the part of the owners are now well rounded social happy dogs, who can deal with whatever comes flying at them in the park!

Dogs really can change their spots, and will happily fall into new behaviour patterns if we are consistent in our teaching and understanding of their reasons and behaviours.

Once an initial training process has been done to assess the dog and work on any issues required, I offer socialisation walks, where your dog can come and learn how to play, interact, and cope with the canine group environment at a pace set by them, with an ever changing group of well socialised, trained and emotionally stable dog friends to learn from.

Many clients just come for fun, to enjoy watching their dogs play with others in a safe and nurturing environment.

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