Consent for Boarding and Daycare

If my dog(s) need medical attention, I am aware that I am liable for any costs incurred for veterinary treatment whilst they are staying at Just Paws. I consent to Just Paws contacting their own vet in the first instance in the event of an emergency.

I consent to the use of a crate during my dogs stay, should Just Paws feel it appropriate or necessary to maintain the safety and welfare needs of the dogs in Just Paws’ care. I confirm that my dog is habituated to a crate.

I give permission for my dog(s) to be let off the lead outside of the home environment/garden during their stay at Just Paws and walked off lead onsite on our private farmland at Oldbury Farm, Arlingham, GL27JJ. I give consent for my dog to be walked off site off-lead whilst home boarding.

I understand that my dog(s) will be boarded, walked and socialised with dogs from other households, including walking off lead with dogs from other households. I consent for my dog to be walked in socially appropriate play groups of over 6 dogs at a time Onsite at Oldbury Farm GL2 7JJ.

I understand that my dog will be boarded in a home with children, and I consent to my dog being kept separate from children should Just Paws deem it appropriate to safeguard both children and boarding dogs.

I agree to Just Paws contacting you in regards to your dog’s stay, any future stays, offers or services that you may be interested in, and that your data will be stored and used in accordance with GDPR regulations. I am aware I can OPT out at any time from future correspondence that is not directly related to your dog being in Just Paws care at that time.


I declare that the information given is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read and agree to Just Paws terms and conditions.

In signing or completing this form and sending to Helen Merrett at Just Paws electronically, I am agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Online Consent Form

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