Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Boarding and Daycare at Just Paws

Just Paws remains open and available to your bookings. 
Just Paws endeavours to deliver the service booked throughout this period and is not required to be closed by the government.Therefore all terms and conditions set out below are upheld throughout Covid 19 lockdown  periods.
Just Paws is running in accordance with Government and Industry Guidelines and takes the health and safety of staff and clients very seriously.
Drop off and collection is from the first secure yard, 
Collars are ok to stay on, but will be dipped in disinfectant solution (so don’t bring your best leather pretty ones, but a nice easy material clip off one!) at drop off and pick up. 
Please make sure their Just Paws tags are attached prior to drop off.  
a) use hand sanitiser next to green gate
b) oplease wear a mask when entering our working areas
c) gate will be sprayed with disinfectant as often as humanly possible. 
If you would like us to collect your dog from your car, please let us know and we will come to you in the carpark.
We will be working here on a staggered rota to adhere to social distancing in the workplace, 
Please stick to arranged drop off times so that we can expect your arrival. 
If you are bringing food please leave inside the green gate for us to collect, but if your dog is not on a specific diet, we would prefer to feed our own food during this time. 
Please text or email a picture of the dogs up to date vaccination card ahead of their booking so paperwork is kept to minimum.
If no-one can be found we are not far away so press the doorbell by the front door 
 –  and we will run from wherever we are hiding to collect your dog! 
Drop off and Pick up times must be staggered to allow this procedure time to take place. 
If you arrive and another client is being met, please wait inside your car until they have left our working area to adhere to social distancing. 
Please be patient and respectful and allow yourselves 5 mins to let this process run smoothly.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated (DHPPI & LEPTO) to include Kennel Cough at least 4 weeks prior to their stay at Just Paws. Titre testing is NOT ACCEPTED at Just Paws

Dogs must be micro-chipped and it is recommended for them to be insured for medical treatment. Owners are liable for any cost incurred for veterinary treatment whilst their dog is at Just Paws.

A secure good quality collar with loop for tag must be worn. All dogs staying with us will wear a tag that states where they are staying.

Just Paws cannot take entire male dogs or bitches who are in season. All male dogs must be neutered.

If an entire bitch staying at Just Paws comes into season, they must be collected immediately to ensure the bitches health and welfare. In this instance no refund is available for the boarding period, It is the owners responsibility to make sure a suitable emergency contact is put into place. If this does not occur in a timely fashion, the bitch will be removed to a kennel establishment at the expense of the owner.

All owners must sign a consent form when leaving their dog at Just Paws and provide a copy of their current vaccination records, dates of last flea and worming treatment is also required. Consent form and vaccination record keeping is in line with Animal Welfare Regulations 2018. It is the clients responsibility to ensure records are up to date, This includes your name, address and contact, your emergency contact information, any changes to behavior, illness and vaccination history.

Before booking with Just Paws, the owner will need to bring the dog in person to Arlingham to assess the dogs temperament with other dogs and to assess the suitability of the boarding for each individual dog. Dogs must be reliable in the company of other dogs, and they must have good recall abilities off lead. If your dog is not capable of both these things, Just Paws is not a suitable boarding establishment for your dog.

Helen Merrett can offer one to one training and socialisation sessions for you and your dogs to help combat theses issues, but a booking WILL NOT be taken for boarding or day care until your dog is deemed by Helen to be ready, for the safety and happiness for all dogs and humans.

Children reside in the home at Oldbury Farm, if you have concerns about your dog around children please make Helen Merrett aware PRIOR TO BOARDING so that a suitable safety plan can be discussed and implemented prior to your dogs stay.



Just Paws HAS REMAINED OPEN THROUGHOUT COVID 19 and endeavours to deliver the service booked throughout this period. We are not required to be closed by the government. Therefore all terms and conditions set out below are upheld throughout Covid 19 lockdown  periods. We can provide the service booked regardless of individuals circumstances.

To secure the dates for the dog’s stay owners must commit to a non refundable deposit in order to secure the dates for your dog. This deposit represents the advance commitment by the Just Paws family to honour that booking in advance, as a surrogate family for your dog.

An invoice will be raised when confirming the booking, outlining the deposit amount and the date that the balance is then due to be paid. The balance payment will be due 6 weeks prior to the booking starting. This is non refundable if cancelled at short notice (during the 6 weeks prior to the booking start date). This is in line with representing both the short and long term commitment Just Paws makes to care for your dog for your dates and the staffing levels required to fulfil our legal requirements for licensing.  If the booking is placed at short notice (less than 6 weeks before the start date) – the whole booking balance is due when booked and is non refundable.

Just Paws does not carry deposit or balance payments forward to other dates.

Just Paws reserves the right to offer out dates which have not been paid for in full by the invoice date to other clients. This will not be done without Just Paws making every effort to contact you about the unpaid booking. There will be no refund of deposit amount should this situation occur as payment of the deposit acts as a confirmation of the fact that these terms and conditions have been read and understood.

If your dogs necessary booster and kennel vaccinations (as outlined above) are out of date, or you arrive without first providing proof of vaccination, Just Paws will not be able to care for your dog due to licencing restrictions on unvaccinated dogs.  It is the clients responsibilty to make sure they are aware of these terms and conditions prior to booking and prior to boarding their dog at Just Paws. There will be no refunds available should this situation occur.


Just in case you do find yourself in a position where your return is delayed you should ensure that the emergency contact details we hold are up to date and that your contact is aware and prepared to have your dog in the event of an emergency or delay to your return to the UK. 

Just Paws will endeavour to keep your dog if you are delayed but due to licensing restrictions, we may not have adequate capacity to do so and as last resort, if your emergency contact were unable or unwilling to step in, we reserve the right to consider the use of local kennels or another licenced home boarder. Just Paws will at all times work with you to try to avoid this but making a plan before your departure is by far the easiest way to reduce the stress and worry should this become an issue.

If you are delayed and wish for Just Paws to continue looking after your dog (if we have availability) this is charged at the usual rates. You may also wish for your emergency contact to step in at that point and I will need your permission to release your dog to anyone other than yourself. 


If regular weekday slots are booked for your dog, they will be confirmed and invoiced in advance for the month. This is to make sure staffing levels are correct and rotas can be organised in advance.

Daycare is available on an ad-hoc basis but spaces are popular so advance booking is advised. A waitlist of ad-hoc days is in operation.

If you cannot bring your dog to daycare, but you want to continue holding the space, the space must be paid for, or it will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. Just Paws cannot hold places for your dog indefinitely without payment. 


If your dog becomes ill or shows symptoms that cause concern whilst in Just Paws care, you understand that your dog will need to be isolated from the other dogs in my care for their own safety. In the first instance I would call you to inform you of the situation, I will also contact my vet and if necessary make an appointment for an assessment with them. Should you not be contactable and where necessary I would contact your emergency person named on your paperwork and they will collect your dog in a timely fashion. In this instance there will be no refund for home boarding/ day care cut short. Veterinary Isolation is available at Wood Veterinary Group should this be required, at the owners expense.


All dogs coming for sessions must be fully vaccinated, but kennel cough is not necessary.

Puppies must all have had their 2nd injections at least 7 days prior to their session.

Sessions at Just Paws are charged and run on an hourly basis.

Once the session time is booked, please arrive on time. Due to following appointments we are unable to run over the allocated time slot. There is no discount in price of session if owners arrive late and we cannot guarantee the full hour training session can be given. Owners should allow extra time to find us if coming for the first time.

Home consultations last for up to 2 hours. These are undertaken in the Gloucester/Stroud area. Consultations further than 10 miles of Just Paws will incur extra mileage costs . Prices will be discussed at booking.

Please make Helen aware prior to your session if your dog has human aggressive tendencies, and if that is the case, muzzle train your dog prior to their session.

A cancellation policy is in operation.

Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointments or they will be charged.

GDPR Statement

Any personal information held by Just Paws will be held securely in a locked cupboard or on encrypted cloud software in accordance with GDPR regulations.

All staff that come into contact with your personal data are trained on how this data must be handled.

You may request to see what information Just Paws holds in relation to you and your dogs at any time.

Just Paws does not use any email marketing tools and does not share any data held with 3rd parties.

Just paws may contact you by email, text or phone to discuss your dogs care, for offers or future dates you may be interested in. You may OPT OUT of any further contact from Just Paws at any time.

Just Paws must hold records of dogs in their care for a minimum of 3 years to comply with DEFRA regulations. These records are held securely in line with GDPR.

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with me.


Helen Merrett

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