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The Offence presents audiences with an overwhelmingly bleak rumination on evil. Arguably the best of Sidney Lumet's British films, this one benefits from a brilliant script by John Hopkins and a tour-de-force performance by Sean Connery as a cop who's been pushed too far. The Offence was unfortunately not a commercial success at all, failing to even be released in quite a few countries. Cinematography is by Gerry Fisher and music by Harrison Birtwistle. Sean Connery was a perfect, suave James Bond, and many of his later films were just audience-pleasing parodies, but this man can act. Lumet jabs his camera tight in queasy examination of Connery's facial contours while his editing choices uncover the sins beneath Johnson's skin. The thing that has so fascinated me about Sidney Lumet, and the reason I think he doesn't get the credit others would get for his high points, is the fact that, in a sense, he is the anti-auteur. Gritty police programmes are now so much a part of the TV landscape that it is hard to realise that a feature like The Offence once packed quite a punch. "The Offence" (1973) is well-photographed by Gerry Fisher (who also did the cinematography for two other Lumet films: "The Sea Gull" and the great "Running on Empty"). His portrayal of a seemingly hard-boiled detective merge perfectly later with the sociopathic figure he really has become. The Offence presents audiences with an overwhelmingly bleak rumination on evil. The interrogation scenes between him and an excellent Ian Bannen, as the prime suspect in a child molestation case, are riveting. Receive a $10 Reward. I think this film deserves to be rediscovered and reaprecciated, because it shows two giants of the cinema at their peak. Sign up here. sean connery is a cop who gets so pissed off that he kills the suspect. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Well-made,well-acted,but with a fatal flaw. The whole cast is excellent in their respective roles. Remarkable, dark, disturbing film. Although the story has become a staple of films and TV police dramas since this, it still hasn't been done quite so well. It remains cloudy about things that should be … The Offence is regarded as a favourite of Sean Connery but hardly anyone saw it on its cinema release. Johnson (Sean Connery) is cracking under pressure on his job. A London police sergeant (Sean Connery) goes too far questioning a suspected child molester. Not a single one of his films has the style or tone of any of his other works, a quality chalked up less to versatility than simple unevenness. It was … Open for comments. A brilliant scene, however, does not in itself make for a brilliant overall feature. Connery was allowed make this film as part of the MGM deal for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1972) In that time, the number murders, rapes, and other felony crimes he's investigated has left a terrible mark on his psyche. Vivien Merchant is exceptional as Connery's emotionally-drained spouse. And Ian Bannen, Trevor Howard and Vivien Merchant are excellent as well. There's a powerful confrontation of authority and accused between police sergeant Sean Connery and suspected child molester Ian Bannen in Sidney Lumet's The Offence. This is one Connery fans should seek out. Connery's character is also struggling with his own paedophile tendencies. Not an entertaining film by any stretch, but as an intentionally challenging study of a tortured policeman's mind it certainly packs a punch. | This unrelentingly somber policier inaugurates a newfound force in Lumet's work. After returning to save the James Bond franchise with "Diamonds Are Forever," Sean Connery made a complete left-field choice for his next role. Read full review. It is a rather hard film to watch, and is definitely not a film that encourages repeat viewings, but there's no denying Connery's mesmerising presence nor the horrifying, probing nature of the story. 'The Offence' is one of the few films which accurately captures the bleak, estranged architecture of the many English New Towns that sprang up in the 50's and 60's. He's spent the last two decades working in the big city as a cop and he's seen it all: rape, murder, assault… you name it. Sean Connery is more a superstar than an actor. It's highly theatrical -- perhaps just a little too highly theatrical for the more or less realistic context -- but it's been staged by Lumet for maximum effect. The Offence certainly exists in a world far away from the glamour of the Bond movies; here the clouds are grey and so is just about everything else. Because of this, The Offence feels like a film cut in two, much like Johnson himself, which Lumet primarily capitalizes on in a flashback-cum-montage that cycles through a series of disturbing images in Johnson’s head as he drives home one evening. All rights reserved. A fascinating character study (***½ out of ****), Bleak but powerful forgotten gem from Sidney Lumet, An Intoxicating Film Marked With Little Hopefulness. Forgot your password? He gets somehow alone in an interrogation room with the man (Ian Bannen) and, in what seems like no time at all, the man is dead and Johnson (Connery) is half-shocked and half-not-surprised at himself for what he's done. Trevor Howard and Vivien Merchantappear in major supporti… Lumet's eye for these soul-sucking landscapes is brilliant - better than that of most English directors. When Connery first finds an abducted child in the woods early in the film, the scene isn't punctuated with the search's success. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. The murderer was treated as a poor, misunderstood man whose upbringing molded him into the villain he became instead of recognizing and acknowledging the self-will that must always be involved in the transgressions of man. Genres: Psychological Drama, Crime, Police Procedural. The Offence is definitely one of Lumet's darkest, most broodingly distressing films. "Peeping Tom" was certainly creepy and disturbing, but in all the wrong ways. Camus reviews the film, Slarek the Masters of Cinema Blu-ray disc. The Offence [DVD]: Sean Connery, Ian Bannen, Vivien Merchant, Derek Newark, Peter Bowles, John Hallam, Trevor Howard, Ronald Radd, Gerry Fisher, Sidney Lumet, Sean Connery, Ian Bannen, Denis O'Dell, John Hopkins: DVD & Blu-ray 60. An English police officer, Sgt. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. As the interview progresses, Baxter can clearly see the illness and pathology in Sergeant Johnson, and each push the other's buttons, closer and closer to the edge, and beyond. But this is really Connery's film. In 1972, Sean Connery, to his great credit, leveraged his power as the ongoing James Bond to get a number of films made that may not have been otherwise. How can a man see such things and still stay sane? Viewing The Offense is not a pleasant experience. A filmmaker who somehow opened up Murder on the Orient Express, a film entirely set on a train, but couldn't take Long Day's Journey Into Night off the stage. when you spend $25 on participating products. It did find an audience on television where it was regularly repeated. he plays a British policeman who interrogates a man arrested on suspicion of a crime against a child, we see the character played by connery exposing his own frailties while exploring his past. Was it the pressures of the job...or something else? Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Unlike Billy Wilder, where every one of his films is a different type of classic, Lumet is as varied in quality as vibe, and it's baffling that the same man could make a dry, satirical masterpiece like Network and an awkward, ignorant mystery like A Stranger Among Us. The point is to capture my instant thoughts about a movie and my overall film diet for 30 days, as well as post interesting links to the film in question. Although his talents have been recognised by the Academy (for his rather unconvincing turn as an Irish cop in The Untouchables (1987)) and remembered for his role as the first James Bond, he is high up on his own pedestal, a gift for voice actors and one of the handsomest faces ever to have graced the screen. You don't go to see a film like this if you're seeking jolly weekend entertainment. Sean Connery is as brilliant as in Lumet's masterful prison drama "The Hill". THE OFFENCE. Instead, Lumet stays on Connery calming the girl till she submits to care, and takes his time with it, too. He beats a rape suspect (Ian Bannen) to death. The Offence is directed by Sidney Lumet and adapted to screenplay by John Hopkins from his own play titled This Story of Yours. review: An enjoyable little corner of the Doctor Who universe 2h ago. The Offence review by Delysid D - This is a pretty cool old forgotten picture. "The Offence" (1972) was a well-acted Sidney Lumet directed story that kind of misfired for me because the film told its story too ambiguously, while leaving one with a lot to think about, but it is, upon second and third viewings, cloudy. The Offence is a 1973 British crime neo noir drama film directed by Sidney Lumet, based upon the 1968 stage play This Story of Yours by John Hopkins. Offers. The Offence was a box office bomb, not because it is a hopelessly weak film but because the grim subject matter and the relentlessly bleak tone were too challenging for general audiences. Full Review | Original Score: 3/5 Top Critic The treatment of evil in most other films is either too underplayed to make us think hard about what evil really is, or is a typical Saturday afternoon cinema thriller like "The Exorcist" and its myriad of clones which are generally steeped in outward physical manifestations that all too often seem more of an excuse for showing off their latest special effects arsenal than anything. To me "The offence" is a must. Superb psychological thriller with a brilliant Connery performance. The Offence (83) IMDb 7.0 1h 52min 1973 Sean Connery is Johnson, a hard-boiled British police detective who is overwhelmed by a child molestation case. Shop The Offence [Blu-ray] [1973] at Best Buy. Michael Powell also released "Peeping Tom" in 1960, a movie about a psychopathic photographer/cinematographer who kills women and films them as they're dying. Embedded in a 'realistic' police scene, dialogue and situations now have a ring of arty melodrama. The same man can make a lurid, trashy potboiler like Guilty as Sin, and fire back with a lugubrious British police procedural, namely 1972's The Offence. This is a superb psychological thriller with a brilliant lead performance from Sean Connery. The Offence (1972) Synopsis: In Sidney Lumet's harrowing portrayal of police brutality, Detective Sergeant Johnson has been with the British Police Force for 20 years. Therein lie the answers. This is definitely one of the gems in his filmography, hardly known film, but a wonderful character study, a powerful insight in ones fears, and an example how any man can fall under the pressure of his own psyche. The film explores Johnson's varied, often aggressive attempts at rationalizing what he did, revealing his true motives for killing the suspect in a series of flashbacks. Lumet has a maternal instinct that comes through in his films that make them awake and moving. More Info. Connery's character (Sergeant Johnson) would have probably lived out his career, and his life, literally drowning in his sickness and misery, but for his meeting with Baxter, a suspected child molester and murderer. when you purchase a new Edible Arrangements movie-themed Edible Box. Connery is in one of his best roles, here, Bannen too. at worst it's dated, at best it may include Connery's most phenomenal lead performance, "I'm hearing the words, but...they're not making any sense...". Devastating performance from Sean Connery in this criminally under-appreciated tour-de-force. The revelations revealed take you back and forth, until you don't quite know who the real deviant is. User Ratings This is without a doubt Sean Connery's finest screen performance.Sidney Lumet conducts the whole affair with his usual precision and expertise. Rated R X. Grim but rewarding character study with a great Connery performance. Offers. The performances are extremely good. The Offence is based on a play, and it shows. In "The Offence," he plays a stressed-out police officer on the verge of a nervous breakdown who is in a physical and psychological battle with a paedophile suspect he has in custody. A powerful and complex performance by Connery is somewhat weakened by Lumet's typically stiff and stagey direction. The Offence review – Connery and Lumet’s starkly naturalistic police drama (Sidney Lumet, 1972; Eureka!, 15) Hopkins' dialogue is uncannily subtle in its gradual illumination of the psychological states of its two antagonists. A series of sex attacks on children is just the latest in a long line of horrors to be dealt with on a daily basis. Directed by: Sidney Lumet. "The Offence" (1972) was a well-acted Sidney Lumet directed story that kind of misfired for me because the film told its story too ambiguously, while leaving one with a lot to think about, but it is, upon second and third viewings, cloudy. This is a searing film, which creeps up on you, and stuns you with sudden realizations. However,there is still much to admire about THE OFFENCE.Sidney Lumet occasionally struggles with the theatrical origins of the piece,and some of the scenes drag on a little tediously,but,like his best film TWELVE ANGRY MEN,he still manages to produce some striking images despite the claustrophobic settings abound.Aside from the opening scenes,Lumet sets the film at nighttime and in a brutally … It stars Sean Connery, Ian Bannen, Trevor Howard and Vivien Merchant. Copyright © Fandango. It is essentially a two-hander for the most part with Connery and Ian Bannen (as the paedophile) trying to get the better of one another in the interrogation room of a police station. However, if anything, "Psycho" tried a little too hard to be frightening, so that, in the end we came away feeling that the subject was one of fear itself more than of the thing that made us fearful. The Offence Movie Review & Showtimes: Find details of The Offence along with its showtimes, movie review, trailer, teaser, full video songs, showtimes and … Rated the #57 best film of 1973, and #3196 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). Sean Connery gives arguably the best performance of his career in this dark and exceptionally disturbing thriller from director Sidney Lumet (with whom the big Scot had already made The Hill and The Anderson Tapes). This film is a fine masterpiece by a masterful director. The interrogation of the prisoner played by the superb ian bannen is fraught and uneasy as a battle of wills minds and psychology unfolds,the intensity of this film bears similarity to the claustrophobic feel of the jury room in twelve angry men, or even the warehouse in reservoir dogs, although the plots are in no way similar, this film is a must see for anyone who likes well acted well scripted tense drama, it is an unfairly forgotten gem, miles better than other better known movies of the time. Coppers have power and they use it.If you have a problem with that go away and try to work out another way to regulate human behaviour that doesn't involve the exercise of power by one group of people over another.I won't hold my breath. The Offence is at core three dialogues featuring Connery - with Bannen, wife Vivien Merchant and superintendent Trevor Howard - compellingly verbose, John Hopkins adapting from his own play, and adroitly managed by actors' director Sidney Lumet. In this case it's about a detective who is on a child murder/raper case who in the midst of the manhunt finds in one night a girl who survived in the woods, and a suspect who is picked up as a vagrant in the middle of the night. His reaction during the interrogation is to kill the suspect, and he is suspended. | A rigorous and gruelling ascent to the furthest echelons of bleakness, Sidney Lumet's The Offence is a uniquely disturbing crime drama based on the stage play 'This Story of Yours' by John Hopkins that boldly explores the psychology of police officer … Starring: Trevor Howard, Sean Connery. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing The Pawnbroker / The Offence near you. This film is a work of sheer dramatic brilliance and is connerys best performance on film. There are no reviews yet for this film. With 'The Offence', Hopkins took this philosophy to the limit and created a stunning portrayal of latent evil emerging from the wrecked personality of a good man. Cast, plot and latest news 09 Nov. Reviews in chronological order (Total 0 reviews) Post a review. The majority of villains who try to resist arrest will accept a few blows mano a mano on neutral ground,but that is a very different thing to being systematically beaten whilst curled up in a ball on the floor of the police station.They can respect a copper who takes them on in the street,but it doesn't take much of a man to give them a hiding in front of his mates because he thinks it makes him look hard. The writer of this moving and disturbing film, John Hopkins, once said that to understand the nature of human evil one must first look inwards at oneself. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Don't have an account? It became sadly one of long list of critically acclaimed performances that flopped badly at the box office. Best movies. It remains cloudy about things that should be … Not to forget the photography, which is brilliant as well, so deservedly I give it 10 out of 10. | Sidney Lumet's new film, "The Offence," takes place in a suburb of London, not an old suburb but one of those barren new suburbs still in the process of … Directed by SIDNEY LUMET Screenplay by JOHN HOPKINS. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This doesn't dissuade a director like Sidney Lumet, however, who feeds the fire that actors crave, which is freedom to take some risky material anywhere it needs to go. Director Sidney Lumet ("12 Angry Men", "Dog Day Afternoon", "The Verdict") has found a very interesting style for this picture about a police detective's wrong way of dealing with his problems and the evil in the society around him. Metacritic Reviews. 60. Every 4 Tickets = $5 For You. | FAQ Receive a $6 Movie Rental. Streaming Now Movies Showtimes Videos Made In Hollywood News The Offence Cast and Crew "After 20 years, what detective-sergeant Johnson has seen and done is destroying him." All in all this one is highly ranked among the first five of Lumet's films. It stars Sean Connery, Ian Bannen, Trevor Howard and Vivien Merchant. Here are my notes on The Offence (1972) which I watched on a DVD on Saturday 18th March. Lumet is at his best when he's close to filmed stage production:"twelve angry men" "dog day afternoon" "deathtrap" and even "murder on the orient express"are good examples.That is to say "The offence" is a talky work,par excellence the psychological drama.They say Sean Connery had to make another Bond (diamonds are forever) to be able to portray this cop.He made it a winner:it's one of his three best parts in the seventies with "the man who would be king" (1975)and "Robin and Marian" (1976).These three films cast him as an anti-hero(Huston's work),a has -been legendary character (Lester's) and here a psychotic cop:demeaning parts indeed,a million miles away from James Bond -but even when he was in his Bond era,Connery had made "the hill" with Lumet,another anti-hero part-. Included is the aftermath of a gory car crash, a baby’s bloodied arm hanging out of its crib, dead entwined lovers, and a body hung from a tree. This week's films. I've met good cops,bad cops,gay cops,straight cops,honest cops,bent cops,cops who deserved to be in the Company of Saints and cops who deserved to be in a secure Mental Institution,but I never met that cop so beloved of writers and movie makers,the "Burnt - out" cop.Some police officers do beat up suspects.That is a fact.Some people are corrupted by power;that is also a fact,and police officers regularly exercise power,it is what we pay them to do.If you want to know the time - buy a watch.If you want to cross the road - find a Lollipop Lady. The Offence came out in 1972 as Sean Connery was desperately trying to break away from his James Bond image. This film shows that there's something awkward in any man, and that the mind of a serial rapist can sometimes be less burdened than the mind of an ordinary decent man, who should protect the society from those, but can't handle it. A fascinating and intense psychological thriller. The Offence. ... Movie Reviews Presented by Rotten Tomatoes. But it is as powerful as a keg of nitroglycerin. Awards It is an adaptation of John Hopkins play "This Story of Yours." Once seen, not a film to be forgotten easily. Whenever Sidney Lumet and Sean Connery get together, the subject seems to be sadomasochism. They come and they go year in and year out. Staff (Not Credited) There's a powerful confrontation of authority and accused between police sergeant Sean Connery and suspected child molester Ian Bannen in Sidney Lumet's The Offence. In Sidney Lumet's harrowing portrayal of police brutality, Detective Sergeant Johnson's been on the police force for 12 years. The Offence is a film he felt passionately about and the only reason he got it made was he made a deal with United Artists if he did another Bond film he could get 2 any films made but due to the financial failure of The Offence, UA pulled out of the deal. Read full review. This is not a fun film, but its truths about the fragility of the human psyche are eloquently conveyed. The film was in some ways spoiled but not ruined by the pretentiously arty way it was directed by Sidney Lumet. X. I've seen many movies that undertook the subject of evil. The third collaboration between Sean Connery and the director Sidney Lumet is an unsettling glimpse into the toxic mind of a policeman who has been polluted by the horrors witnessed over the course of his career. But anyone in doubt of his ability as a proper thespian need look no further than his grim, tormented portrayal of a cop who has seen one too many dead bodies in Sidney Lumet's The Offence, a huge flop at the box office and a film now faded into memory, ripe for a re-discovery. Fascinating, nevertheless, with outstanding performances from Connery and (especially) Bannen. Cinematography is by Gerry Fisher and music by Harrison Birtwistle. Connery's cop has seen too much in his 20 yrs on the force. Price Match Guarantee. External Reviews Lumet's direction strives to give to material that is neither edifying nor suspenseful a fake profundity, stretching it to unconscionable lengths. The Offence is directed by Sidney Lumet and adapted to screenplay by John Hopkins from his own play titled This Story of Yours. THE OFFENCE is an adaptation of a stage play 'This Story Of Yours',written by John Hopkins,about a senior police officer who eventually cracks under the strain of experiencing and witnessing horrific crimes and inhumanity over many years. A wet gray chilly England is the setting. Policemen will beat up suspects because it is often a remarkably effective way of eliciting a confession - albeit one that is usually withdrawn subsequently.I have never known a policeman to beat up a suspect because the "horrors" of the job had got to him ior he was having a bad time with his marriage. Gerry Fisher's cold, muted photography perfectly captures the sterility and bleakness of post-modern England. Buy The Offence [DVD] from Amazon's Movies Store. The Offence. It stars Sean Connery as police detective Johnson, who kills suspected child molester Kenneth Baxter (Ian Bannen) while interrogating him. SEE DETAILS. Read Full Synopsis ... Load More Features Movie Reviews Presented by Rotten Tomatoes. He should have won an Oscar for this. But why? When is The Witcher season 2's Netflix release date? The Offence is Sean Connery's best performance in a major motion picture, the problem though is that the film bombed and was rarely seen in the cinema, probably due to the material content of this very dark and dramatically compelling story. In my experience,police officers who beat up suspects do it because they can,some of them evidently enjoy it.They are selective about who gets a slap.Few bank robbers or professional crims of that calibre are victims of police brutality;and here we must differentiate between being hitting somebody out on the street to effect an arrest and beating them up in the safety of the Custody Suite or in the cells. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. SEE DETAILS. If, however, you're looking for a serious film which deals with powerful themes with unflinching courage, then The Offence is certainly close to the mark. Some do it reasonably well like Hitchcock's 1960 thriller, "Psycho", for instance. A brilliant scene, however, does not in itself make for a brilliant overall feature. The Offence Synopsis. Based on a play by John Hopkins, "The Offence" stars Sean Connery as a violent policeman on the hunt of a child molester, played by Ian Bannen. The Movie: Sidney Lumet's excellent 1972 police thriller The Offence follows cop named Detective Sergeant Johnson (Sean Connery) who is, for lack of a better term, burnt out. and the Terms and Policies, its a hell of an… Cinafilm has over seven million movie reviews and counting … One of the best was The Offence. Very few locations- interrogation room, police quarters, a few outdoor scenes, Johnson's home- are punctuated by a whole lot of men (and one woman in a scene) talking in rooms. Netflix ... Daleks!

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