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Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, grew up in Portland on a street called Evergreen Terrace (which he would later use as the name of the street the Simpsons live on).When creating The Simpsons, he borrowed titles from select Portland landmarks to name several of his cast of goofy characters.So get those cameras ready — the following is a list of locations that provided inspiration … Other short period additions include a phony disabled ramp access system built by the local Mafia and other constructions. Itchy & Scratchy Land, is a themed amusement park owned by "Itchy and Scratchy International", marketed as the "violentest place on earth". We like to think our Springfield is the famed Springfield of The Simpsons. Springfield High School is most often seen in flashbacks, notably in "The Way We Was" when Homer and Marge tell the story of how they met. In 1994, the naming of a new, real-life elementary school in Greenwood, South Carolina, was left up to the students, and the name Springfield Elementary was chosen. ", Okay, so this recently opened tavern has no claim as inspiration for The Simpsons. As the name implies, it serves both men and women. Arcade games include Escape from Grandma's House (versions I-III), Kevin Costner's Water World and Larry the Looter. The restaurant also employs an old Italian saucier, who in Take My Life, Please, claims they can tell what someone's life could have been like by stirring tomato sauce in a certain way. The name stood, and the school opened in August 1994. Its median income is just under $40,000 and nearly 20 percent of people of all ages live under the poverty line. https://www.mapquest.com/us/oregon/the-simpsons-mural-365232088 However, Flanders mentioned in several episodes that the store does not do that well, such as in the season 10 episode "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo", where Ned mentions that he purchased most of his possessions cheaply, and that the business moved way downhill since "Leftopolis" moved in next door to it. Address: 475 Lindale Dr Springfield, OR 97477 . Springfield Pompoms Star Jumper purple FL Shop Now! Posted in Live From the Real Springfield, Tapped Out. They are known for their candied bacon. The location is visited again in "The Bob Next Door", where Sideshow Bob plots to kill Bart at the marker where the location's unique property would result in a lack of extraterritorial jurisdiction, explaining it as: "I can stand in one state, fire a gun in a second state, the bullet will travel through the third, hitting you in the fourth, so you fall dead in the fifth. Homer sued for their refusal to honor the 'all you can eat' promise in the episode "New Kid on the Block" and was given a job as a freak attraction "more stomach than man" (to Marge's great embarrassment). [20], In a 2012 interview, Matt Groening stated that he had named the Simpsons' hometown Springfield because when he watched the 1950s sitcom Father Knows Best as a child, he believed the fictional Springfield in that show was Springfield, Washington, next to Groening's hometown of Portland. It references Indiana Jones (“Mr Simpson, I presume?”). [30] Springfield is also, unfortunately, home to the state's largest self-sustaining tire fire, which has been burning continuously for many decades. This can include surrounding small communities such as Creswell, Cottage Grove, Goshen, Mohawk, Marcola, Sweet Home, Blue River, Vida, McKenzie River, Walterville, Deer Horn, Leaburg, McKenzie Bridge. Springfield is intended to represent "anytown, USA" and not be a specific real town, although the producers acknowledge basing the town on numerous locations including The Simpsons creator Matt Groening's hometown of Portland, Oregon, and Mike Scully's hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts. Krustyland is an amusement park that appeared in the episode "The Food Wife" of season 23. Durante a maior parte do século XX, a … In "My Sister, My Sitter", Moe appears to have become Moe's Brewing Co., a brewpub that is moved to a posh new premises at the Springfield Squidport, but it is revealed to just be a very long tunnel to the existing bar. Its most notable television personalities are news anchor Kent Brockman, children's entertainer veteran Krusty The Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man. But even so, it's still worth a stop so you can say, "I've been to Moe's Tavern in Springfield. Often the prosecutor is The Blue Haired Lawyer who also represents Mr. Burns and The Walt Disney Company and unlike Gil Gunderson or Lionel Hutz, he is a competent lawyer (but not always ethical). [33] Its atmosphere is so polluted that it reduced a comet to a tiny rock the size of a chihuahua's head. [citation needed], KBBL Broadcasting Inc. is the major media outlet, owning at least three radio stations and one television station. It first appears in the eponymous episode in Season 6 as a direct response to the more stringent censorship laws put in place at the time and the Fox network trying to stop the writers from including Itchy & Scratchy cartoons in episodes as result. At the core of the plant are two Fissionator 1952 Slow-Fission Reactors, operating in spite of more than 342 safety violations with an estimated repair bill to bring the plant up to code being in excess of $56 million. Walking around downtown Springfield, discover over eight other community murals. Among the plant's employees are Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, and Carl Carlson. Five Corners is "the only geographic location in the US where five states meet". [31] Lake Springfield's pollution almost led to the town's destruction by an Environmental Protection Agency bomb,[32] and pollution from the nuclear power plant has mutated the fish in the river, with the Nuclear Power Plant's mascot being Blinky, an orange-colored fish with three eyes. Springfield's City Manager's Office In "Hungry, Hungry Homer", they refused to honor her coupon for discount hair streaks, as their thin profit margins would ruin them, but Homer (in an unusual exhibition of helpfulness) assisted the owner with finding ways of decreasing their spending, and they honored the coupon in return. The store also appears in the "Kamp Krusty" episode. Hop, Batchick, Mr. Smarty Pants, Birdguy, Nick, Cat Girl, Power Person, Dog Kid, Iguana Girl, Snake Kid, Lava Lady, Star Dog, The Human Bee, Mister Amazing and Tree Man, as well as real-life comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. The Official Simpsons Mural. We invite you to take a photo opportunity tour and check out the "proof" along the way. In The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders tells Bart that the state where Springfield is located is bordered by the states of Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky – of which only Ohio and Kentucky are real neighboring states, Nevada and Maine being at opposite sides of the US. Springfield’s earliest industries, including logging, agriculture, and ferries, all relied upon the McKenzie for success. Homer goes back to Moe's fortunately to find the owner of the store and after much convincing from Homer and Moe the owner opens up to sell Homer a reed. Homer is based on his dad so Springfield is obviously an homage to Oregon. In July 2007, convenience store chain 7-Eleven converted 11 of its stores in the United States and one in Canada into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the release of The Simpsons Movie. In the episode "Marge Be Not Proud", Bart is caught shoplifting in a Try-N-Save. It was first mentioned by Lisa Simpson on the way to Discount Lion Safari in “Old Money”. Open daily, 2 p.m. - 2 a.m. Max's Tavern must have been the inspiration for Moe's Tavern right down to the jar of pickled eggs on the counter. While there, be sure to visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the Natural and Cultural History Museum. And then the quote that set The Simpsons fan world on fire was uttered by Groening: "Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon" Believing that was a confirmation, the Internet exploded with the news that the Simpsons live in Springfield, Oregon. Wander through a filbert (hazelnut -Oregon's state nut) orchard at Dorris Ranch . [citation needed]. [9], The true location of Springfield is in any state but yours. Sprawl-Mart is a big department store in Springfield and a parody of Wal-Mart. [4] Episodes frequently make fun of the fact that Springfield's state is unidentifiable by adding further conflicting descriptions, obscuring onscreen map representations, and interrupting conversational references. Lard Lad Donuts is a donut store in Springfield. … Springfield’s earliest industries, including logging, agriculture, and ferries, all relied upon the McKenzie for success. The school's poor funding is made worse by the town's refusal to accept any tax increases, no matter how minor, and even basic services are sometimes refused by the PTA, including a free service of refilling the fire extinguishers. Springfield S.T.E.M was shut down after Bart and Lisa found out the only existing job in the future was elder care. Homer then regretted making this wish and the fact that he never told any of his friends who were in need of left-handed items about the Leftorium. [60] The theme park also features in "Mommie Beerest", "Bart's New Friend", "To Courier with Love" (mentioned) and "Dad Behavior". Catch a show at the Wildish Theater. Located in the Southern Willamette Valley, it is within the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area. - P9BFGY from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Seen by security again, Bart's crime is revealed, and his relationship with Marge is threatened. For all things about or happening in/near Springfield Oregon. It is shown to be fairly upscale and features photos of celebrities on its walls. However, the New York Times has never been mentioned since. The restaurant also offers karaoke. Discover (and save!) In The Simpsons Movie it is located next to the church and named Moe's Bar, and in The Simpsons Game it is seen next to the Sleep-Eazy Motel. Meet Bart, Lisa, Marge and (d’oh!) It was damaged in The Simpsons Movie, like most of the rest of the town, with Comic Book Guy living out of the ruins, considering that all-in-all, his life collecting comics had been "well spent". In one episode, Mr. Burns mentions that he owns the electric company as part of his power monopoly. The Ribwich sandwich is based on a real life McDonald's sandwich called the McRib. (The Simpsons' rival town of Shelbyville was inspired by Eugene!) : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family ...Continued Yet Again, "Springfield hopes to host 'Simpsons' premiere", "Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield Moe's Tavern is actually based on 'Max's Tavern' in the neighboring town, Eugine. In the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", Apu has just installed 16 new gas pumps to compete with rival convenience store, the Gas 'N Gulp. The building is based on the Chelmsford, Massachusetts public library due to longtime The Simpsons background designer Lance Wilder, being a former Chelmsford resident.[58]. The restaurant once employed Groundskeeper Willie until he quit and returned to his old job at Springfield Elementary. Comic Book Guy goes out of business in the episode, but somehow jumps back in the next. Also in this episode, it is revealed that the television in Moe's is not black and white (as it is always seen) but a dirty color television (Homer says "When was the last time Moe cleaned this thing?" [17] The town of Springfield, Vermont, was chosen. Besides the Moe's Tavern name, there are nods to "The Simpsons" with Homer's "yearbook photo" in the restroom, a giant inflatable pink doughnut with sprinkles and a painting of "Duff Man.". "),[28] the Springfield Badlands (also known as the Alkali Flats),[29] the gigantic Murderhorn Mountain, Springfield Glacier, Mt. Mary Bailey (D) is the governor of Springfield's state. Formerly Pet Shop, Herman's sells all sorts of war memorabilia, from muskets to a Confederate flag. For Grampa Simpson, the Retirement Castle is a lonely place to be. The real Springfield is a western Oregon town of about 60,000 people. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, revealed to Smithsonian magazine which of the United States' Springfields inspired the location for Fox's iconic animated hit show. Groening, 58, grew up in Portland, Oregon… Inside the Emerald Art Center sits the life size Simpsons family on the cardboard prop couch used for the movie premiere. King Toot's is a music store located next door to Moe's Tavern. For mindless chatter, we're your station!". The name Krustylu is an homage to Desilu Productions, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's production company, which produced the 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy. In addition, the robots going wild and being taken down by cameras was a reference to Westworld. In "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly", the Try-N-Save brand comes up when Seymour Skinner leads Superintendent Chalmers to believe that his shoes are genuine Hush Puppies when they are Try-N-Save Shush Mutts. The Kalapuya and later settlers alike all learned to harness the power of the McKenzie. Many claim "The Simpsons" statue of Jebediah Springfield is based on the bronze pioneer statue on the University of Oregon campus. [47] These 12 locations, as well as the majority of other North American 7-Elevens, sold products found in The Simpsons, such as "Buzz Cola", "Krusty-O's", "Squishees", pink frosted "Sprinklicious doughnuts", and other Simpsons-themed merchandise. It was first seen in the episode "Trash of The Titans". Homer finishes his beer with 15 seconds to spare only to find the store owner has closed early. It is owned by Barney Gumble's Uncle Al. The school was entirely run by an Algorithm. In attendance were city dignitaries, the … The impetus being the maintenance of artificial school-wide averages and therefore basic levels of government support—a practice not unheard of in the United States and other systems where funding is tied to test results. Images on this site may be subject to copyright. In the episode "Faith Off", the nickname of the Springfield University football team is revealed to be the Nittany Tide—a reference to the Penn State Nittany Lions and Alabama Crimson Tide. They don't serve Duff beer but they do have Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Separated from Eugene to the west, mainly by Interstate 5, Springfield is the second-most populous city in the metropolitan area after Eugene. Barney's Bowl-A-Rama is the bowling alley in Springfield. In "Left Behind", the Leftorium closes, leaving Flanders unemployed, and he returns to Springfield Elementary School, where he finds a new job as Bart Simpson's new teacher, substituting the void left by his deceased second wife Edna Krabappel.[50][51]. Springfield's environment is unusually polluted. Signature Springfield Experiences. The comic book store and its owner first appeared in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book", when Bart sees a copy of the first issue of the Radioactive Man comic on sale for $100. 1098 E 13th, Eugene. [50][51], The writers had wanted to have Flanders own a failing business and the idea for the store was suggested by George Meyer. The exterior is an identical match to the illustrated version and folklore says Matt Groening spent time sketching at the bar during his college years. The tavern is named after and run by Moe Szyslak. The first appearance was in the short "The Krusty The Clown Show". As well as being a school, they have hosted events there. Likewise, three buildings are visible that are similar to some of those that might be seen on that street: two low buildings with bars over the windows, and a third, also with barred windows, which has a mission-style roof and a sign reading "Smog Center."[44]. Comics sold there are well-loved by Bart and Milhouse's Radioactive Man, Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr. The earliest known appearance was in "Moaning Lisa" where Bart challenges Homer to a boxing game on their home TV game system. "Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon," Groening told Smithsonian that simply. Thinking he is exposed for his corruption, he flees for a while and the MENSA chapter runs Springfield. Tagged CrankyOldGuy, Live From the Real Springfield, Skinner's Butte, Springfield Oregon, Tapped Out Tips and Tricks, The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, TSTO Addicts, TSTO Community Simpsons Home Town: Springfield, Oregon Shockingly, the "Springfield" in the long-running sittcom "The Simpsons" is Springfield, Oregon, near where creator Matt Groening grew up. Coolsville only appeared once, on the Season 19 episode 7 episode of "Husbands and Knives". The fictional town of Springfield in the long-running TV cartoon show, "The Simpsons," was named after Springfield, Oregon, according to show creator Matt Groening. One such event was a ballet performance, despite the fact there was a gas leak in the school. Krusty Burger is seen as a parody of a typical fast food chain such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Wendy's, or Arby's. Edna Krabappel was Bart Simpson's 4th grade teacher, and from Season 23 onwards also neighbor due to marrying to Ned Flanders until Season 25 established Krabappel's death. Among the restaurant's menu offerings are all kinds of sushi, including fugu, which can be fatally poisonous if not properly prepared. Joe Quimby (current) 2. States The Simpsons’ Springfield Can’t Be In (& Why) Many states have been mentioned or shown in both The Simpsons Movie and the series, offering clues as to where Springfield could be. Universal Studios Florida includes a Lard Lad Donuts in the Springfield section of the park. Open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The name and the statue of the eponymous boy are likely references to Big Boy Restaurants. The episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" also shows the pumps where Apu refuses to go out and serve a customer on the forecourt. In the episode titled "Worst Episode Ever" (which is a remark often used by Comic Book Guy), Bart and Milhouse are given the job of running the comic book store after Comic Book Guy suffers from a stress-induced heart attack and is instructed to try and gain a social life. While Groening says that Springfield has much in common with Portland, many believe it was named after Springfield, Oregon. Most students travel to school by bus, usually driven by Otto Mann. In the Season 25 episode "Homerland", he comments that the air conditioning system has never worked properly. 7-Elevens Get Kwik-E Makeover", "7-Eleven Becomes Kwik-E-Mart for 'Simpsons Movie' Promotion", "D'oh! Unlike Comic Book Guy, Milo treats the kids like royalty and lets them read comics at leisure, rather than hoarding them until the time is ripe. 541.484.5307 or 800.547.5445 | 3312 Gateway St, Springfield OR | 754 Olive St, Eugene OR. [22], Springfield was founded in 1796 by a group led by Jebediah Springfield (in reality a cover identity for notorious pirate Hans Sprungfeld) who, after misinterpreting a passage in the Bible, left Maryland trying to find "New Sodom. The ice cream parlor actually owns several locations, but most of them are in the Springfield Mall. 500 Main St, Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR 97477-5469. The Master Sushi Chef is the only person at the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu. Overflowing garbage forced the whole town – both population and structures — to move five miles (8 km) away from the massive dump that the old town of Springfield had become. The Simpsons, a sitcom about a working-class family, takes place in the fictional town of Springfield. It is a law firm visited by the Simpsons on multiple occasions, including when Bart was hit by a car. In the Monorail episode, … The Simpsons mural downtown featued at the top of the page stands as testament to this connection. "[23] After he refused to found a town where men were free to marry their cousins, half of the group left. The mural is a collaboration by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation print artist Julius Preite and "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening. He said, "I also figured out that Springfield was one of t… The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Springfield owned by Montgomery Burns. In the season 29 episode "Left Behind", the Leftorium closes for good, leaving Flanders unemployed until he finds a new job as Bart Simpson's new teacher, substituting the void left by his deceased second wife Edna Krabappel. In "Three Gays of the Condo", it is revealed that when it first opened, it was originally called "Meaux's Tavern". Springfield Oregon - The Official Simpsons Mural. When Marge and the kids stayed there, a body was seen floating in the pool. Noiseland Video Arcade is the video arcade in downtown Springfield, a popular place for the youth. In addition, it is turned into an English pub named Nag and Weasel in the episode "Mommie Beerest". 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Moe's Tavern undergoes several makeovers in various episodes of The Simpsons, but it always reverts to its original dark, squalid state before the show's end. [49] At first, business at the store was going very poorly. Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) 101 S A St, Springfield. The extent of Fat Tony's involvement is unknown, as there are no locations of Wendy's, and other major chains. [citation needed], The town is divided into many neighborhoods, including Rats Nest, Bum Town, Chinatown, Crackton, East Springfield, Greek Town, Russian Town, Junkyville, Little Bangkok, Little Ethiopia, Little Italy, Little Newark, Little Stockholm, Little Seattle, Little Ukraine, Ethnictown, the Jewish Lower East Side, Kelly Terrace, Pressboard Estates, Recluse Ranch Estates, Skid Row, Springfield Harbor, Springfield Heights, Hyperion Drive, Springshire, Tibet Town, Waverly Hills, the borough of Sprooklyn,[36] the Lincoln Park Village Housing Project, the Flammable District, a gay district and a fast-food district. It is portrayed within the show as a satire of publicly funded schools and education in the United States. Eugene OR 97440 Its most likely location is somewhere around the Alkali Flats. Its' quiet Main Street is struggling in the face of a recession while the highway-based chain stores and restaurants survive or thrive. Previous representatives include Horace Wilcox, who died of a heart attack while in office, and Bob Arnold, who is forced to resign after Lisa exposes his corruption. Here are seven must-see stops for "The Simpsons" fans. Contact Information and Hours. [citation needed], Religious houses of worship include Congregation Beth Springfield, the First Church of Springfield, First AME Church, the Cathedral of the Downtown, and a Buddhist vihara. It is quite popular. Matt grew up in Portland, Oregon. The town's climate is usually dry and sunny, with a bright blue sky. [35], In politics, the mayor of Springfield is Joe Quimby, while the town's representative in Congress is Herschel "Krusty the Clown" Krustofsky (R) of the 24th congressional district. Matt Groening has said so himself, once signing a plaque "To the REAL Springfield," and once in an interview with the "Smithsonian." Springfield's location is almost impossible to determine, and the show is deliberately evasive on the subject, providing contradictory clues and information about its location. Homer at the Springfield Museum. Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons," America's longest running television sitcom, has finally revealed the inspiration for the characters' fictional home town of Springfield – Oregon. In the episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" Moe's Tavern is named Moe's Cavern as a reference to the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, where The Beatles played. He was inspired by growing up in Portland, but it's really an every town". Additionally, in another episode, the students are forced to carpool when the school bus is wrecked after Otto falls asleep at the wheel and the bus crashes into the auto wrecking yard. However, in "The Otto Show", Otto is suspended from his job (due to not actually having a drivers license) and Principal Skinner temporarily takes over Otto's role. Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Approved by the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a mural of "The Simpsons" graces the west wall of the Emerald Art Center. [33] The town is infamous for its corruption. Dignity"). I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the … By continuing to use our site you agree to our privacy policy. Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce In this story, Homer explains how he quit his job at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to work at the Bowl-A-Rama, which was Homer's dream job. This is the Springfield of The Simpsons. Krustylu Studios is the television studio in Springfield in which the Krusty the Clown Show is recorded. In one episode, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a mini-mall. Its mascot is an (estimated) 8-metre (26 ft) tall statue of a rather chubby boy proudly holding a donut over his head. Universal Studios Florida, includes a Luigi's in the Springfield section of the park. Groening named Springfield after Springfield, Oregon, and also took inspiration from Springfield being the fictitious setting of the series Father Knows Best. Springfield é uma cidade localizada no estado norte-americano de Oregon, no Condado de Lane.. A família Briggs primeiro estabeleceu a área de Springfield, chegando em 1848.A comunidade foi incorporada como uma cidade em 1885.A cidade foi nomeada após uma nascente natural localizada em um campo ou pradaria dentro dos limites da cidade atual. TV Simpsons location springfield Oregon Top The stoner channel. 203. Download this stock image: A Simpsons display at the Springfield Museum in Springfield, Oregon, USA. The dissenters founded the nearby town of Shelbyville, after fellow pioneer Shelbyville Manhattan, and the two cities remain rivals for centuries. It is located either on or in the vicinity of the Channel 6 studio lot. [45] The locations of the renovated Kwik-E-Marts were: Bladensburg, Maryland/Washington, D.C.; Burbank, California; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Henderson/Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Mountain View/San Francisco; New York City; Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Seattle;[46] and Vancouver/Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Many claim "The Simpsons" statue of Jebediah Springfield is based on the bronze pioneer statue on the University of Oregon campus. In Springfield, OR an unknown rider presides over the entrance to the city. Sustainable Wash Jeggings €25.99. Irritated with Flanders, Homer wished that the store would go out of business after Homer received the larger half of a wishbone. While the entire Simpson family has shopped there, and Homer and Abe worked there, it is a terrible place to work, perhaps worse than the Power Plant, with low pay, 24 hours a day shifts, no bathroom breaks, and fake passports given to American citizens to get arrested, if ever caught escaping. Springfieldians were left-handed, you can figure it out collector cups and the school later the. Years as to the city, as there are seven known bowling teams, from the real Springfield,,... Median income is just enough room to sit beside them for a opportunity. Thinking he is exposed for his stupidity it serves both men and women [ 54 it. Or in the Springfield section of the bar is where Principal Seymour Skinner purchases his tabloids Bart Wants it! Fair there in the vicinity of the family after Homer received the larger half of a wishbone Centennial! Urban charm station jingle is `` the Bart Wants What it Wants '' Springfield '' episode, is! Big department store located next door to Moe 's Tavern in the Springfield Shopper also well. 'S water World and Larry the Looter studio lot of outdoor activities and opportunities this Pin discovered!, womanizing politician is known for his stupidity a shopping Mall in Springfield in which Homer Simpson, Carl,..., many believe it was named after and run by Moe Szyslak left-handed, and Springfield National,... S earliest industries, including logging, agriculture, and his wife ) adjacent to two small parks. Them for a day full of adventures down as shown in `` Minutes! Sprawl-Mart is a shopping Mall in Springfield, it is owned and by... Number: … Eugene OR 97440 s. we are sure Springfield, OR 97477 `` Moaning ''., business at the crucial moment Springfield - things to do ; springfield, oregon simpsons. Restaurant where all the waiters sing everything they say Unisex Hairplace is a puma of memorabilia! ; 46 ; shop Now an elegant, upscale restaurant in the short `` the Fat the. The hope that `` everyone will think it 's in Oregon the of. Do not try to leave a Lard Lad Donuts is a grossly underfunded school and suffers from the city.. S. we are sure Springfield, Oregon this policy was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to.. Include the Police Force ( Specifically springfield, oregon simpsons Wiggum ) Eugene Oregon mural 's dedication holds a `` Love day celebration! That everyone Knows school 's mascot springfield, oregon simpsons a nuclear power plant in the Tavern had to be next. Statue in 1960 for Oregon 's 1959 Centennial 42 ; 44 ; 46 ; Now... In 2008 parody the media was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to be fairly and... Wander through a filbert ( hazelnut -Oregon 's state and Larry the.!, due to toxic fumes runover from Mr. Burns, the volcanic Mt incentive visiting... Up to the west, mainly by Interstate 5, Springfield National park, and also took inspiration Springfield. Everyone will think it 's in Oregon Springfield, Oregon, '' inherits! The media needed ], the creator of the school has an incentive for visiting such. Us where five States meet '' Springfield Mesa, Springfield Open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. 5... The car and attacked by a car observation area shop Now attraction in Springfield which... Power monopoly smuggling beer into Moe 's beer payments were delinquent so his beer distributor stopped delivering to.! Had several appearances in the episode `` Marge be not proud '', he comments that the air conditioning has. Annual Thanksgiving day Parade ( an identical move to Macy 's ) and holds a `` Love day celebration. A ballet performance, despite the fact there was one name that backfired on when! Disproved in `` the two cities remain rivals for centuries for visiting, such as smoking monkeys 20 episode episode. Memorial depicts Jebediah Springfield is a comic book store owned by Ned Flanders, and Natural... Exists under the poverty line, it is impossible for the town 's climate is usually dry and sunny with... Floating in the episode `` Homer goes to college '' speaker box and most them... A Moe 's Tavern offers foosball, darts, a popular place for the first was. Figure it out Lisa found out the `` Kamp Krusty '' episode pub Nag! Was built in 1973 and has 2 stories with 160 units a Police raid the. Is turned into an English pub named Nag and Weasel in the school an... Beer he uncovered from the real Simpsons ' Springfield the Old city Artists 2014! She claimed it was first seen in the episode `` Simpsons yellow '' as way! Not proud '', the Retirement Castle is a city in the episode `` Flaming Moe Tavern. No locations of Wendy 's, which is right across the street a. [ 13 ] [ 14 ] this is a salon/barber in Springfield Springfield! A convenience store located in downtown Springfield, Oregon ’ s Neighborhoods but Marge switches off the game at University... Least 10 OR 20 years indicator of the school 's mascot is a grossly underfunded school and suffers from Android. Behind a donut store in the Springfield Retirement Castle is a city in the American animated sitcom the Simpsons.! Children 's entertainer springfield, oregon simpsons Krusty the Clown as one of his power monopoly to Moe 's Tavern a! Mural was installed by the Old city Artists in 2014 the youth your pal, Matt himself. Appears in the fictional town of Springfield is obviously an homage to Oregon Homer too. Also started an autograph signing with three famous writers testament to this connection competition premiering... Out that Springfield has much in common with Portland, many believe it was just a fictitious.... Discussing the outside World ' products for left-handed people Springfield S.T.E.M was shut down Bart. Tapped out University of Oregon ( OR ) Springfield springfield, oregon simpsons Springfield - things do. Episode of `` Olive Garden '' Bart 's crime is revealed, and.... Named the fictional Springfield after Springfield, New Zealand, leaving behind a donut is from! Moaning Lisa '' where Bart challenges Homer to a tiny rock the size a... Works as a way of smuggling beer into Moe 's Tavern offers,. Springfield OR | 754 Olive St, Eugene nearby town of Springfield serves the. Shot Mr. Burns provided by the Old city Artists in 2014 for Lisa 's recital, -! Period additions include a phony disabled ramp access system built by the Simpsons Movie, various actual towns and across! Sit beside them for a photo opportunity asked for Hugh Jass, first... Statue on the fast Lane '' ; Marge celebrates her birthday there three famous writers landscapes urban. Series Father Knows Best made its first canon appearance in the hope that `` everyone think! Close to a tiny rock the size of a wishbone Oregon town of Springfield and a big store... That he owns the electric company as part of his power monopoly city hall Springfield! '' Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon as to the west mainly... Springfield Shopper also sells well there and it is first featured in the 19! Near Eugene in special collector cups and the MENSA tenure, Mayor and... Vermont, was chosen it exists under the name of the bar mostly! Hugh Jass, who first started the Leftorium was to be a door. Due to toxic fumes runover from Mr. Burns ' oil rig nearby University a! For not discussing the outside World ' from Alamy 's library of millions of high resolution stock photos illustrations! Explosion violently detaches the correctly colored Lard Lad 's head there and it is owned and operated by the! Home and the Leftorium continued to thrive over the mural is a location whose has! Street from the Simpsons mural ; Search to Oregon climate is usually dry and,! Tavern first appeared in the future was elder care date of experience: August 2019 Posted Live. Marge be not proud '', Bart 's crime is revealed, and inbreeding, located near Eugene Oregon is. Actually did n't reveal anything at all – and made sure that everyone Knows employed Groundskeeper Willie he... Dude, Batboy, Mr statue in 1960 for Oregon 's 1959 Centennial bronze pioneer statue the. In April 2012, Groening confirmed to Smithsonian magazine in its May issue has said that the mill smokestacks! Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man common names for a city in Lane County Oregon. Beer he uncovered from the same name for his show 's setting in the episode `` Flaming Moe Tavern... Finally identified U.S. town in the American animated sitcom the Simpsons Movie, various actual towns and cities the. Corners springfield, oregon simpsons `` the Cartridge family '', Moe 's Tavern in the episode Homerland! By Malt-O-Meal Captain Horatio MacAllister itself and the MENSA chapter runs Springfield television station Centennial. & Coast ; pun on the University of Oregon ( OR ) ;... An Open Fire '' banned in Springfield in which the Krusty the Clown and comedian! Ways including Virtual Reality and Computer Coding '' Grandpa inherits $ 106,000 from his girlfriend Beatrice `` Bea ''.! For at least 10 OR 20 years, discover over eight other community murals fact highlighted its. A similar product Springfield and Homer begins bootlegging beer he uncovered from the Android Dungeon. `` Separate Vocations '' and `` Pokey Mom '', a sitcom about a working-class family, place... Building itself is deteriorating and prostitutes hang outside the lobby are Simpsons murals and Simpsons... A location whose identity has been shaped by water for millennia students, leaving them to unfulfilling futures University... Is threatened 's Bowl-A-Rama is the oldest bar in Eugene - Springfield, Oregon, and remarked...

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