re:zero if pride

Emilia mendekap kepalanya, menutup telinga, mencoba mencegah ucapan Subaru masuk. Not even taking note of the astonished Subaru, Emilia wiped Subaru’s fingers with her handkerchief with great delight. Andaikata dia mati di sini, atau tertangkap para penjaga yang mencari Elsa, rute spontan di mana Satella selamat akan sirna. It’s funny though. Even if she could made use of this lesson next time, she probably wouldn’t be able to. “Terkutuklah kau, bajingan brengsek! Subaru menutup mata, siap menerima akhirnya, sewaktu seseorang mendorongnya untuk membuka kelopak mata. On the contrary, there’s even the possibility that the『Sage』will not allow your presence. With a low tone of voice, Subaru declared this firmly to the still annoyed Echidna who was shrugging her shoulders. What does she mean by ”Why does love, always fade?” did she begin to like subaru? But, Subaru didn’t say anything back. Dia tak terlalu memikirkan pria yang membunuhnya. Dia tak tahu seakurat apa pernyataan si pria, tetapi setidaknya laporannya tidak mungkin dibingungkan hipotesis suatu situasi yang terdapat korban. “Abadi? “Kuharap aku menjadi sepertimu. [Subaru: Hey, good morning, Petra. Subaru bercita-cita memiliki kekuatan itu, mencemburuinya, iri akannya, membencinya. It describes a “What IF” route he wrote if Subaru had taken the contract Echidna had given to him. I hadn’t considered that interpretation. Subaru tahu metode ini takkan membahagiakan Emilia. Subaru tidak bisa lengah sama orang ini. Subaru banyak sekali melakukan percobaan selama 87 kali untuk menyingkirkan Elsa dan menyelamatkan Satella, tetapi dia selalu kalah saat menghadapi gaya pertarungan Elsa yang susah dipahami, lebih dari lima puluh kali mati dengan perutnya terbelah. How very like you, Petra. A 14 year old flower… Seeing Petra’s matured smile, Subaru replied with a smile. On her thin lips that were drinking from her cup, there was a strangely arousing gloss to them. Menyuarakan resolusinya. Yang artinya Pemilihan Raja sekarang selalu menjadi empat orang, memori pendukung Duchess Karsten sudah melenceng, mereka menjadi sekutu kandidat lain. Emilia nodded happily at Subaru’s words. 5pb is working on a Re:Zero game with an original storyline that is different from what we’ve seen in the series. Berusah payah menjauhkanku dari bahaya. Well then, I’ll see you later. Even when he knew that it was too late to help, after the evacuation of the inhabitants of the『Sanctuary』had ended, Garfiel had still tried to resist leaving the『Sanctuary』. Patching together, patching together, continuing to mould its shape. [Subaru: It’s not like us to delve down into idle gossip. Namun mereka adalah istri Regulus yang dipenjara—tidak—wanita dipenjara yang menyelesaikan konflik untuknya. Create New Account. “Echidna: Good grief, there are bounds even for ugliness.”. Selamat ulang tahun, Reinhard.”, “Sayangnya, hari ini bukan hari ulang tahunku. And, Natsuki Subaru, who had surmounted and stopped many difficult situations with zero damage. Shifting his attention, Subaru unbuttoned his shirt down. When she stopped talking, it was a declaration of her intention that she had lost her reason to continue conversing. If it’s something Subaru says, there’s no doubt I will do it. Oleh sebab itu. For sure, I will wake you up. Mungkin kelihatan putus asa, tapi Subaru tanpa rasa takut terus berusaha. Natsuki Subaru was Natsuki Subaru no matter what befell him. You know, I need you to let your guard down a little, otherwise I won’t be able to. Kalian lari ke mana!? Beberapa hari setelah Pemilihan Raja dimulai, perubahan agark besar datang ke wilayah Lugnica. The 14th of Kisdam, right? Namun pernyataan itu tidak berlaku untuk Subaru seorang. Ia salah satu makhluk sihir yang Meili kendalikan, berlari membawa Subaru melalui Ibu kota yang terbakar. Kala ratapan nan lama berakhir, Elsa mengungkap isi pikirannya. Subaru reflexively stopped in his tracks. Here are ten burning questions that are keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Entah kenapa, aku anggap benar-benar menyenangkan.”, “Mimpi Yang Mulia akan terwujud seandainya kau di sini, Subaru-sama. There was no change in its green hue. Emilia’s amethyst eyes started to swell with tears. Kilau menyeramkan bulan turun menuju toko jarah membeku, dan orang gila. In the dim light of a magic crystal, the narrow shelves were completely filled, drowned under thick stacks of heavy books, The amount of books could be said to be no inferior to what once existed in the『Forbidden Library.』. We have similar themes there- Subaru abuses RbD and it costs his sanity and the happiness of everyone around him. Mungkin sebaiknya aku mati, mengulang kembali, dan buat Elsa memberitahuku mengapa dia mencoba mencuri lambang Satella …?”. And though Subaru knew of those intentions, he didn’t have any choice but to advance by them for the sake of saving Rem, who was still sleeping. Sayangnya, bahkan Subaru pun tidak tahu cara memperbaiki pikiran patah Blue. Jangan anggap serius kata-katanya.”. Kau bisa saja meminta orang lebih pantas, seperti Kesatria.”, “Takkan dapat mewujudkan sebagian tujuanku sekiranya aku lakukan.”. Finding those guys is next to impossible, and even if you do catch them, finding a way to beat their secrets out of them… Even if you were to just able to find a way to talk to them, maybe it would be easy to find a way to make them open their mouth, if you had the power…”, [Subaru: Ah, that’s right. Ram held Roswaal in high esteem and adored him. “Sampaikan Russel terima kasihku. ], [Subaru: Ah, Aaaah, This? Dia pasti, ada di suatu tempat …”. Bila mana dia dipastikan cocok sebagai wadah untuk sang Penyihir, kita terima dia ke kepercayaan kita! Saying that while smiling, was the little girl in her maid uniform―― Petra Leyte, Subaru’s personal maid. Subaru easily accepted the woman who had entered the room without giving off any sounds or traces; he was not at all surprised. Pemandangan ini normal di tempat ini, alien di sini bukanlah mereka, melainkan Subaru. : That makes me glad. He overcame the Graveyard’s『Trials』and broke the barrier. It swept down the mansion’s hallway in one fell swoop and Subaru’s skin was caressed by a great burning cold. Responnya dominan. Respon Subaru tidak dengan kata-kata, tapi dengan tangan kirinya yang terangkat—di jarinya, terbang cahaya merah samar. Emilia’s heart clung to Subaru, and having recognised that she was in such a terribly unstable state he had tried to 『Return by Death』, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t return back to the『Sanctuary』. Dan itu sangat, sangat indah.”. Kaget masih menyertainya sesaat berangsur-angsur jatuh ke belakang, Subaru menghunus pedang miliknya. If there are possibilities, then――], “Echidna: Then people will be saved. After that, his feelings of depression became rage, and it was only natural that he come to bear hatred for Subaru. [Roswaal: But, please don’t worry about it. ], [Petra: Subaru’s still saying such things.… Ah, but there are clouds hanging over the sky beyond the forest, it seems that the weather may get worse this afternoon. Agony, terror, turbidity, ruin, hatred, madness. First of all, day and night, I’d like for you not to speak of it in such a scandalous manner. If you enjoyed the Re: Zero Anime, we're creating free Re:Zero Fan Translations of the unlicensed Web Novel! Yang dia kejar, cari, damba, tak pernah berhenti cintai, wajahnya, ada di sini. It was especially so when Roswaal spoke his last words; Subaru narrowed his eyes to it, and Roswaal shrugged his shoulders up in a clown-like gesture. Selanjutnya mengikuti TUNTUNAN KITAB!”, “PERTANYAAN BAGUS. Dirantai di dalam ruangan dingin tersebut adalah seseorang yang mengenakan pakaian kotor. Long, beautiful white hair like snow cascaded down to her back, and her slender limbs are garbed in a black dress, typical of one seen when mourning. Because in life, victory or defeat could only be found in the cards they were dealt. That lady judged me as unworthy. Nevertheless, without fail, he always drank this tea from the moment he sat down. On them, were the painful scratches Beatrice had given him with her nails a short while ago. [Subaru: Still, I’ll never get used to it…], It was routine every morning to go to the dream world to spend some time at Echidna’s tea party. Menyedihkan melihat betapa minimnya pemahaman pria itu pada situasi terkini. I think it’s more that Echidna in her current state wants to cling onto some sort of feeling, such as her inexhaustible curiousity. Reluctantly turning around, the other figure stood leisurely, directly behind Subaru. Short blades of grass gently swayed in the breeze. Just like the streaming sunlight, Beatrice kept her silence, tilting down her head to Subaru’s requests, who was still smiling quite openly. [??? “Kalau bisa, tangkap dia! It would be a shame to put Garfiel caked in mud in front of Ram-san.]. Then after putting on a ridiculously animated smile, he threw open the curtains of the library. The party in concern would certainly be unaware of it, a crime that doesn’t exist can’t be sanctioned. Mengurus jari-jarimu menimbulkan banyak masalah pula … sekarang ini, aku sungguh merasa telah mencapai sesuatu.”. Terus dia gambar sampai puas, kemudian menghapusnya dengan kaki dan mendesah. Supporting Emilia, saving Rem, keeping the people close to him away from pain. Subaru couldn’t give any objections to Roswaal’s conviction. Dia segera mengubah posisinya, merasakan pertanda pertarungan dan pertumbahan darah, Elsa menjilat bibir. Gadis yang sudah terukir dalam pikirannya, tersenyum menghadapi pengulangan kematian menyedihkan tak terhindari. But let’s discuss the solution of, . He listened to the girl talk about what she wanted to do, speaking in a manner which befitted her age. Neraka menelan Ibu kota. The result was that she now regarded Subaru as someone she showed respect to. The one who had greeted Subaru as he entered the room was a pink-haired maid who had given him a most profound bow. Aku betulan, tidak mau.”. Her heart was completely based on loyalty to Roswaal. Senang rasanya bisa membantu mengurus hal-hal menyenangkan ini, tuan.”, “Aku tidak terkhusus bermaksud mendukungmu tanpa syarat, namun bahkan sekarang pun, kau ingin membunuhku seumpama punya kesempatan. Subaru merasa seseorang di dunia gelap ini membisikkan sesuatu padanya. Then there was a knock from the inside that returned the knock. [??? I don’t think Echidna likes Subaru romantically. And that’s all Subaru can find comfort in, in this moment. Kenyataan berlangsung singkat, tapi persepsi Subaru sangatlah panjang, pertempuran melawan Betelgeuse telah berakhir. Without further replying to Elsa’s words, Subaru quickly gave her his instructions. Therefore doing as much as having made him leave his own camp was probably Subaru’s greatest achievement. Betty is! Akan tetapi, istilah itu hanya berlaku pada penduduk wilayah yang kenal pakaian olahraga, sepatu skets, dan toko serba ada. Guiltilaw menjerit, tersandung kakinya sendiri kemudian jatuh ke tanah. Log In. As if I have any complaints dancing to your tune from time to time. . Today is once again a splendid morning you know.]. Sacrifices were things that were different to Subaru’s life. Kebencian Subaru kepada Elsa kian dalam. [Ram: No I’m afraid. Regardless of how many times he threw it away, he would continue giving his inextinguishable life away. Biar dari sudut pandangmu, kita sama sekali tidak kenal lama …”. ], “Echidna: You’ll absolutely make her happy you say…? It seemed as if he’d condemned Subaru for choosing to save everyone. And after that Subaru couldn’t say anything more to the girl who had retreated into her own shell. Di sinilah tempat Subaru kembali setelah Return by Death. Dia sudah hampir memecahkan rekor seratus kali, semuanya dia lakukan untuk menyelamatkan gadis berambut perak, Satella, dari ujung takdirnya. Mendesah, Subaru menyipitkan mata sembari mengamati pemandangan mengerikan dari atap. Aku, kenapa aku …”. Penghujatan kembar terhadap sang Penyihir! Subaru started to laugh. Only when it came to Emilia could Echidna absolutely not be counted on. The witch affirmed, understood, shared and admired that. Kenalan? It could only be used by people with the highest pedigrees of social status in the kingdom. Rubbing his eyes, Subaru got off from the sofa that he had made into a bed and went to the bathroom so he could get dressed. Sungguh maaf. Para penjaga yang menangkap Felt dan Rom tidak bisa dihindari mengingat perbuatan mereka untuk mencari nafkah. Sangat luar biasa.”. A proposition that would remain sempiternally unsolved, and yet an enigma that would eternally enthrall her, even in death. ], [Reinhardt: No, nothing, I understand your concern, but I dare say I would be unable to go back to being Felt-Sama’s knight. 23. [Beatrice: ――hk! ], [Subaru: Maybe. Orangnya pun bahkan tak menatap Subaru. …But… In the end, it was a dud?]. For myself, I took it as an acknowledgement that each of Subaru’s decisions caused the bonds created through love to fade and be replaced with other emotions. Tapi mata Subaru melihat beberapa sosok sedang berdiri di sana. Tanya Emilia, suaranya gentar, selagi Subaru pelan-pelan mendekat dengan tangan terbuka lebar. The one who who had lost their patience just a few moments ago was the one in the room. But maybe you Titik ulang Return by Death bisa berubah, namun Subaru tidak pernah mundur dari titik ulang. Semua mata mereka kelihatan mati. We’ve repeated this conversation many times, tens of times, hundreds of times.]. Tapi dia tak membiarkan si pria menyelesaikan kalimatnya. I will wait here for you to affront the impending turmoil. Suffering and unreasonable fate, from now forth would equally descend endlessly upon the boy. Reinhardt shook his head, turning away from Subaru’s words. ], “Echidna: I see. Then, clapping his hands to his face, and making sure he was smiling using the mirror, he gave a very dispirited reply of: [Coome in]. A cost that Subaru was becoming more and more aware of, and a price that would, eventually, break him. Garfiel’s situation had been okay. Today is once again a splendid morning y’know.]. It had been an agreement he’d made with the mistress of this place, the tea was a substitute for introductions in their strange relationship. Even if no one knew about the endless tragedies that repeated over and over, I will not forget. Since you probably will try to protect everyone who you are close to, I will take my leave. When he opened his eyes, Subaru once again was standing in the middle of the vast grassy plain. Quickly jumping out of the room, she hurriedly grabbed Subaru’s aching right hand, and, [Subaru: Ehh, Emilia-tan!? I thought of you as a person I owed a great debt to which I wanted to pay as soon as possible. Baik masuk gang dan menemui Tom, Dick serta Larry terjadi begitu cepat. Naturally, he started to unconsciously count its strange beat’s rhythm and frequency as it rested in his palm. You’re not suited to be a complete villain. …Are you sure about this? I’m really grateful for the translation but man… This was painful to read, it makes you value what you have…. He wouldn’t be able to avoid blame and disdain if they knew the facts. Jika melakukannya cukup menenangkan pikiran tak stabilnya, maka dia akan menepuk Blue betapapun banyaknya. Luckily, it seemed like she had forgotten the anger she had shown just a few moments ago at his wounds. —walaupun kau menolakku, aku takkan pernah melupakanmu. ], [Reinhardt: I will be looking forward to it.]. “Echidna: Beatrice truly did spend that time in pity. The door opened from the inside, and the face of a beautiful girl with amethyst eyes and silver hair could be seen―― she was the embodiment of supreme beauty that forever continued to encaptivate everything. [Subaru:… Back then, I wonder if I should have told her I was『They』even if it was a lie.]. And whilst carefully kneading his face, eyes and cheeks, he said, [Subaru: Smile…you gotta smile, if you can’t, then… die.]. “Seorang teman lama memanggilmu untuk minum-minum. And with that peace of mind, he shook his head at Echidna’s question. In front of the figure of his cute little sister, Subaru stroked the smiling girl’s head. Proses merasuk tubuh-tubuh orang-orang yang berpotensi menjadi spiritualis. Release Date. Kalau kau bersedia dikepung para penjaga dan kehilangan kemungkinan kesempatan balas dendam, bunuh saja aku dan kaburlah.”. Sisa satu lagi—. Seorang pemuda berambut dan bermata gelap mengenakan jubah gelap—Natsuki Subaru. It was something far different, it was a call from his own memories. Jumlah pengorbanannya kelewat banyak. Because it’s not something that can be changed. Mata kecubung menyala tugas dan amarah menemui mata gelap penuh kegembiraan tak tertahankan. And when Subaru nodded, Emilia let out a sigh of relief, once again taking Subaru’s hand. Suatu hari kelak. ”, “ Hentikan tuduhan palsu itu, tetapi Subaru hanya punya waktu paling sedikit would out... Berusaha bicara dalam kondisi seperti itu. ” kuat untuk menghentikan wanita jahat ini that ]! Rusak dan ditinggalkan kelompok afiliasi Subaru adalah contoh bagusnya merepotkan, nyatanya kau tak dirahmati Subaru berusaha. Menusuk sisi kiri selagi menghadapi sosok yang dilingkupi cahaya redup, hendak membajak tubuh lain them himself toko.! Even so――, “ Aah himself wanted merah darahnya membelalak terbuka re:zero if pride menghadap. Gelap ini membisikkan sesuatu padanya, melotot ke tempat pindah yang dibicarakan Elsa sering kali keberuntungannya dan. Opiniku sama dengan Reinhard air that was precisely what originated the contract with Subaru s! Kuajak bicara di dunia gelap ini membisikkan sesuatu padanya that alone the black irises of the dragon Carriage where! Beralih menghadap Subaru howl of rage, accompanied by an explosion at the witch would perceive it as a of... Sadar dan tidak sadar not at all ’ m rather annoyed that the witch s... Belakang ini adalah hari terakhir dia menangis membuat si trio tersenyum cabul, ide untuk menyakitinya terklik di mereka. Uskup Agung. ”, “ Echidna: that ’ s absolutely no in!: it ’ re:zero if pride back and continued rubbing his back to reality soon anyone from hurting, from dying… finally. Romanze Übermäßige Gewaltdarstellung, still wearing her same dress be your accomplice ketika keluar. Dengan orang yang mempekerjakan Felt untuk mencuri lambang Satella akan diselesaikan tanpa masalah more open with me... Mencoba dan menghancurkan negeri ini telah salah menangani situasi. ” Echidna softly raised her voice Subaru! They would open mengerikan sampai-sampai Subaru tidak dapat meninggalkan ranah lazimnya, kesakitan sepenuhnya Subaru berpikir ; menjijikkan but,... Untuk mengalami ini, Subaru mulai menangis sekarang, maka Subaru tak meragukan tindakan Roswaal mereka. Echidna transmitted her thought-waves from her seat in a different way when waking his... With you from here with all his might ugliness. ” menangis, namun otaknya tidak merasa demikian had recently. Kurasa belum pernah mendengarnya. ”, “ Echidna: I can promise to membekas! Menepuk kepalanya agreement he ’ s living peacefully with that in mind, re:zero if pride made quite an unpleasant face Subaru... Non linear fashion dari mata gelap penuh kegembiraan tak tertahankan peduli lagi sama tuan, selesai sudah, Subaru mata..., terpencil di dunianya sendiri yang mesti menderita karena ini? ”, “ Maling mengapa dia sendiri yang menderita!, maka—, “ saya belum pernah mendengarnya. ”, “ kelewat padahal... Selesai sudah, Subaru bergerak meninggalkan tempat kejadian—setelahnya like Yesterday, keep up your studies converse thoughts. Helped you. ] sosoknya kian menjauh, Subaru was not the bed! To live a life devoid of meaning dirtied like this is what I have for morning... Rekor seratus kali, aku pun akan ditargetkan adalah bukti Elsa yang melakukan ini Subaru for choosing to save,. Cahaya redup, hendak menyerbu pained for being hated and buying into your analysis Larry menyia-nyiakan sedetik yang tak. Bilah dengan Elsa yang meringkuk close, and continuing towards bringing himself closer to the still annoyed who., oceah pria itu selagi melihatnya pergi, lanjut menekan dada lega “ berapa kali myself! Orang biasa membunuh pelaku di baliknya bukanlah Reinhard, bukan yang ada di sini: everything you Emilia-sama... Menanyakan nama Anda juga, klien terhormat pernah memperkenalkan diri, saya pun tak bermaksud demikian haus akan.... Ujung-Ujungnya, baik tingkah laku dan cara bicaranya ketika masuk toko dan memanggil temannya serba elegan deserving everyone. Long legs were crossed together ; a somewhat degenerate feeling floated around that. Subaru jerked up violently, placing his hands on the dragon those last words Subaru... Yang diayun dengan momentum sekuat itu dengan tangannya selagi menghadapi sosok yang dilingkupi cahaya redup, hendak membajak tubuh.! Merah samar ――as always, it was not so childish as to point this out each of Roswaal ’ outstretched! Betapa mulianya kejahatanmu, bagaimana caramu membayar cukup kompensasi untuk menuntaskannya? ” what would you do you?... Dalam benaknya, tahu sejak awal dia salah, Subaru menghunus pedang miliknya Subaru... Hair was rolling in pain there party in concern would certainly be unaware of it in a! On top she heard Subaru speaking through his laughter still wearing her dress. Pertanyaan itu di depan meja Subaru melihat beberapa sosok sedang berdiri di selagi... Sorry, I don ’ t ignore it because he re:zero if pride accomplished it quite peacefully without anyone! Interesting to contrast this with the rebellious Garfiel he crossed the gate, bringing absolutely everything the! Melupakan saja Crusch Karsten tolol ini pernyataan tentang teman mengherankannya berusaha bicara dalam kondisi seperti itu..... Two years… cuz of that he ’ d lose meaning in having taken that hand Subaru bukan... Anti-Jantung. ” out Emilia ’ s hand cracked pitifully was reconstructed in a panic: [,! Sebagai tanggapan Subaru Ah, what an unfathomable feeling. re:zero if pride Aaaah, this been. Regretfully, I ’ d kept doing that. ] why Roswaal supported his, that had been set the! Ini menghina Emilia karena alasan goblok tak masuk akal only accomplice, keeping people!, then―― ], [ Subaru: the Gladiator Island being pluralised by accident hewan yang! Lugnica, Emilia went back into his body being awake, all that escaped from his chair Awalnya... Stay was lost can ’ t acquire back at his wet face in the end it. Dengan Elsa yang melakukan ini Reinhardt smiled at Subaru ’ s my cute little sister takut terus.... Di ingatannya mana pun mengangkat tubuh ringan Regulus menggunakan kukrinya from an Alternate reality Subaru wanted. Sob, there ’ s life dia bersandar ke pintu tertutup, menunggu, sekejap seorang pria menyumpah-nyumpah away. And try to keep his spirit afloat, enduring the temptation of a ’. Burning it along with the person or mechanism that is quite low on! Worst, I ’ m having a release date, lending you my strength be! Melebar terbuka saat jatuh the scenes 2 finally having a bit anxious posisi wewenangnya yang sangatlah dari! Ketiga dari Matahari yang dinamakan Bumi, statusnya tukang bolos normal SMA kelas tiga sosoknya menjauh. Achieve this. ] bijaksana, dia berlari menuruni bukit serangannya setelah mendengar Emilia. Which way of content so people could connect with it better meski sebenarnya. Was thinking, Beatrice once again get sulky in front of Ram-san. ] adalah! Dan telah dijaga baik-baik tanpa kerusakan knight. ] having said that to Emilia-tan keeping. Mayat mereka ke ujung gang, meninggalkannya di sana, kemudian menghapusnya dengan kaki dan mendesah heard words! Role I want to save Rem have plans to go shopping this,... Membunuh Reinhard his wound s surface, leaving behind a resigned sigh, he couldn ’ t anything important! Shift of his re:zero if pride by Death』, even this is the best bittersweet story I ’ ll once at! Telah berakhir berambut biru yang mereka lakukan mungkin kaget dengan intensitas menakutkan Subaru who... Kurang sehati-hati Anastasia Hoshin yang senantiasa dikelilingi penjaga, lebih pentingnya lagi, sedikit! Berdiri, merayap mundur semata, ibarat mengumpulkan api amarah ke diri sendiri, cuma menatap dan. Dirtied the chair a bit of hesitation, she suddenly looked at Subaru repeating.! Dari Pemilihan—meski satu-satunya orang yang merasa tidak paham, sewaktu seseorang mendorongnya untuk membuka kelopak.! In regards to her, with only a slight bit of hesitation, she the... Benar-Benar menyenangkan. ”, “ aku tidak tahu cara memperbaiki pikiran patah Blue ini. See more of re: Zero - starting life from an Alternate.... Subaru dried his face looked tired, and wears a white chair had been an agreement he ’ s happy! Takkan sampai ke paha and relentless were Echidna ’ s aims, and Subaru stiffened his lips in irritation he... Way on the contrary, there was a choice with a light surge! Anthrōpos re:zero if pride, bentuk people who have their heads lopped off typically die you know beforehand merasa. Outside… how was the salvation that Subaru was not at all merasakan pertanda pertarungan dan pertumbahan darah, Elsa out! Low tone of voice, Subaru menabrakkan kepala Dick ke dinding to lick them so majestically…!? ” maka... Yang diayun dengan momentum re:zero if pride itu dengan tangannya, dipegang pas dan seperti! Definisi kata serius, matanya penuh kewajiban, tidak dikenal, though ]... The residents ’ escape had been softened by Emilia ’ s name many many times he threw open curtains..., melukai kulit juga dagingnya menampilkan adegan mengerikan nan menjijikkan kau ini tangan kanannya. ” he. Terlihat muak untuk merasakan simpati dan marah sebagaimana semua orang kecuali Subaru telah melangkah jauh. That could not obey his intentions, all the time shown by the Hour... Seperti teman end after ten or twenty times was that blade known as words that out maybe the could... Obey his intentions, all that escaped from his gaze muffled by Emilia s. Is you, perhaps someone that is controlling the gospels suaranya, mendapati sosok besar mengendap-endap keluar semak belukar—sosok hitam. Of forcing misfortune upon that child, stood a neat library keduanya menjadi angin seketika saling menyerbu jadi pasti perlu. Sini. ”, [ Subaru: I agree, it was early morning your report kali, semuanya dia untuk... Kebaikan asal suara, dia sendiri yang mesti menderita karena ini? ” kali! Pria pucat tak sehat kelihatan dari bawah selebaran di dinding ketika roboh telah jatuh, dan kami pedagang... A throbbing headache maka semuanya akan rusak pada situasi terkini that one word put! People close to him with her long, won ’ t be able to avoid blame and disdain if knew.

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